We move people – physically, mentally and interactively.
SMARTfloor sets new standards for interactive movement.

Movement that motivates and inspires

It’s time for an evolution of movement. SMARTfloor is ready to change your world too. Our SMARTfloor solution creates a whole new movement experience that excites, motivates and inspires.

Whether education, sports, health or events – SMARTfloor inspires people of all ages and offers a holistic, interactive learning and play experience.

Discover the future of movement with SMARTfloor – experience movement in a new way with us!


Achieving new goals with SMARTfloor

Are you ready to write your own movement story with SMARTfloor? SMARTfloor combines an interactive sensor interface with state-of-the-art software development.

Using complex algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), sensor data is processed in real time, providing the basis for effective training, rapid learning successes and
long-term motivation. At the same time, SMARTfloor is as flexible as your everyday life.

Our modular, expandable system adapts perfectly to your circumstances and is quickly and easily ready for use at any location. With connectivity to modern smartphones and fitness watches, any device can become a digital game master.

Experience the unique user experience of SMARTfloor for yourself.

SMARTfloor redefines movement, play and sport

Our mission is to merge movement and digital interaction and make it an integral part of everyday life. Our goal to motivate people to grow beyond themselves.

We evolve learning processes in the education sector with playful movement elements. In the fitness sector, we support athletes and sportsmen in raising their training to a new level through precise data collection and new forms of exercise. For physiotherapists, SMARTfloor opens up a new world of treatments that address both body and mind. Events get an interactive experience that excites all ages thanks to the digital sensor mat.

Experience the power of SMARTfloor and discover a world of endless possibilities! We configure a package perfectly tailored to your requirements.


Move. Learn. Play.

Digital and yet moving – Four products with endless application possibilities.

SMARTfloor – Mobile

Space-saving, easy to open and ready for immediate use: SMARTfloor Mobile is the mobile plug-and-play solution as a complete package consisting of sensor floor, computer, software and monitor.

– Play and fitness surface
– Mobile use
– Flexible location
– Quick start-up

SMARTfloor – Puzzle

Mobile, individually expandable and highly active: SMARTfloor Puzzle is the flexible solution for a tailor-made play, sport and fitness experience.

– Individually extendable surface
– Mobile use
– Flexible end devices

SMARTfloor – Surface

Permanently installed and multifunctional: SMARTfloor Surface is the permanent solution for equipping large spaces for countless sports, rehabilitation and learning experiences.

– Permanently usable
– Accessible without barriers
– Resistant surface
– Multifunctional use

SMARTfloor – Table

Barrier-free, simple and without handicap: SMARTfloor Table is the compact solution for a play and learning experience on raised surfaces. Particularly suitable for people with physical disabilities.

– Operation with hands
– Inclusive for all people
– Can be customised for customers
– Space saving solution

SMARTfloor in detail

What distinguishes
SMARTfloor stand out?

SMARTfloor's innovative sensor floor is the universal input device for any application. The system is ready to play at any time with a wide selection of pre-installed games, movement and fitness programmes.

In addition to the predefined programmes, the innovative SMARTfloor technology offers the possibility to implement your own ideas. For this purpose, SMARTfloor uses the popular programming language Scratch. In this way, SMARTfloor not only offers endless application possibilities, but also promotes creative thinking and makes programming attractive to users of all ages. A holistic learning and playing experience is thus guaranteed.

Experience the future of interactive floors with SMARTfloor- an innovative overall system consisting of finely tuned components. Based on the synergy of physical movements and body reactions, SMARTfloor records every action with state-of-the-art sensors.

The basis is a sensor layer about 3 millimetres thick, a large-area textile substructure built on modal principles. Each sensor module is divided into triangles, and each triangle triggers an analogue data signal when touched.

SMARTfloor can be expanded at any time with the help of numerous additional sensors. These sensors can measure movement data (motion control), heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, lung function, Stroop effect and much more. This makes it an optimal training device for athletes and physiotherapists and at the same time an interactive element for playful learning in schools and entertainment at events.

Processing is done in real time by our special software, which uses complex algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret the data and adapt it to the respective application.

The collection, processing and evaluation of data has been a core competence of Phywe for decades. Working with system partners who add their expertise to the network, we are making the vision of SMARTfloor a reality and ushering in a new era of movement in the medical, gaming and sports sectors. Experience the versatility of SMARTfloor today!

Evolution also means flexibility. That's why SMARTfloor adapts with maximum flexibility to the everyday life and circumstances of the user. The data can be output on virtually any end device, be it a monitor, TV, projector, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch - depending on the application and what goals you set yourself.

SMARTfloor activates, inspires and encourages to fully realise individual potential everywhere. For this reason, we offer four products with diverse application possibilities. Starting with the mobile plug-and-play solution, through the flexible variant to the permanently installed, multifunctional sensor floor. We even have a solution for people with handicaps: with SMARTfloor Table, we enable barrier-free operation with the hands. In this way, the SMARTfloor moves and motivates people of all ages and in different health conditions. Redefine your movement now. Digital and interactive.

Follow the evolution of movement

Digital and yet moving – Four products with endless application possibilities.

Experience SMARTfloor:
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