Motivate movement, strengthen the spirit. Vitality is not a question of age.

SMARTfloor brings movement & vitality at any age

Exercise in old age offers numerous health benefits, including maintaining physical fitness, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Many people realise this, especially in old age, but often lack the motivation, support and community to exercise. SMARTfloor solves all these challenges with a hollistic concept that is especially designed for the “best ager” generation.

Exercise in social fitness groups

Tailor-made fitness programmes, technology-supported exercise and social fitness groups are key to supporting the health of “best agers” and preventing illness. SMARTfloor has therefore worked with physiotherapists and fitness trainers to develop individual training plans that take into account the specific needs and abilities of senior citizens and promote their mobility and health. Many older people use wearables and fitness apps for activity monitoring and motivation, which supports positive exercise habits. SMARTfloor can connect to these sensors and optimise the user experience. SMARTfloor also promotes social interaction and a sense of community with applications such as dance classes and senior sports groups, preventing isolation and improving quality of life.

Health is not a question of age

Regular physical activity strengthens muscles and bones, improves balance and coordination, which prevents falls. Exercise also promotes mental health, improves cognitive functions and has a mood-enhancing effect. Social aspects such as community activities help to prevent isolation and support a positive attitude to life. This is why we have designed SMARTfloor so that it can be used in care homes, assisted living facilities, residential communities and clubs. In addition to simple and easily reproducible movement exercises, SMARTfloor is optimised for community activities. The numerous game applications are not only fun, the integrated movement sequences also train coordination and balance.

Preventive fitness programmes for better health and social integration.

Move. Protect. Vitalise.

Our SMARTfloor products are optimised for maintaining health and social contact in old age. Can be used individually in any room, whether mobile or permanently installed. Health is not a question of age.

SMARTfloor – Mobile

Simply open it up and get started straight away: SMARTfloor Mobile is the ready-to-use plug-and-play solution as a complete package comprising sensor floor, computer, software and monitor.

  • Ready for immediate use
  • Space-saving storage
  • Optimised for transport
  • All-inclusive solution

SMARTfloor - Table

Barrier-free: SMARTfloor Table is the compact solution for a play and learning experience on raised surfaces. Particularly suitable for people with physical disabilities.
  • Bedienung mit Händen
  • Höhenverstellbarer Tisch
  • Inklusives Lernerlebnis
  • Kompakt & platzsparend
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SMARTfloor works with various system partners to ensure that all components are seamlessly integrated, meet the highest standards and provide a modern learning experience.


The development and production of SMARTfloor is managed by PHYWE in Göttingen.


Future-Shape develops automatic fall detection using sensor technology.


Playparc develops modern play and exercise areas – indoor & outdoor.