SMARTfloor Surface

The interactive
movement surface

SMARTfloor Surface

SMARTfloor Surface turns any floor into an exercise surface

Sensor floor for indoor and outdoor areas

SMARTfloor Surface is an innovative textile-based underlay system with integrated motion sensors. With a thickness of only approx. 3 mm, it can be laid over a large area under virtually any floor covering: PVC, linoleum or carpeting can be combined with SMARTfloor Surface just as easily as laminate, parquet or tiles.

Every activity is measurable

The generous surface area of SMARTfloor allows sufficient space for activities and offers a wide range of design options. Flexible surface visualisation allows different types of play and target groups to be addressed.

AI evaluation in real time

With the help of the highly sensitive sensor surface, the position, speed of movement and walking direction on the SMARTfloor are recognised in real time and evaluated by the AI. The system can also distinguish between people lying down and standing and can be used for fall detection and prevention, for example.

Advantages of SMARTfloor Surface


Permanent use

No assembly/dismantling necessary due to fixed installation in the floor


Versatile use

Flexible floor structures enable many types of movement and appeal to all target groups



The multifunctional surface takes play and sports activities to a new level



The sensor fields can be installed in any room and of any size

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Customised output

Linking to various
devices possible

SMARTfloor Surface

SMARTfloor Surface makes every room interactive. The highly sensitive sensor surfaces are integrated directly into your floor. This creates a barrier-free learning and training solution.

Sensor floor
+ PlayBox
+ keyboard mat

Accessible and ready for new adventures

SMARTfloor system structure

The system is basically assembled from four components

Querschnitt Aufbau Sensorboden
The nature and surface of the sensor surface are determined by the game design. The sensor technology underneath can provide a wide range of information, including presence, direction, speed, distance travelled, counts and time. The data generated by the sensor surface is interpreted in real time by the PlayBox using AI and can be used to control the application.

SMARTfloor Surface - Immer einsatzbereit

SMARTfloor Puzzle ist kinderleicht und schnell aufgebaut und wieder in der Transportbox verstaut. Die Puzzleteile lassen sich beliebig miteinander kombinieren.
SMARTfloor Surface

Sensorfelder und
Randstreifen auslegen
und zusammenstecken.

Ausrollen und Lernerlebnis genießen: Die SMARTfloor Sensormatte kann mit allen beliebigen Oberflächen kombiniert werden - immer auf die Lernanwendung abgestimmt.
SMARTfloor Surface

SMARTfloor Tastaturmatte ausrollen und auflegen.

Plug-and-Play: Einfach SMARTfloor, PlayBox und beliebigen Bildschirm mit einem Kabel verbinden. Schon kann die Lernanwendung gestartet werden.
SMARTfloor Surface
SMARTfloor, PlayBox und TV miteinander verbinden und einschalten.
SMARTfloor ist ein interaktiver Sensorboden, der ein völlig neues Lernerlebnis schafft. Das System erfasst jede kleinste Bewegung und verarbeitet sie mittels modernster Technologien und künstlicher Intelligenz.
SMARTfloor Surface


Lieferumfang / Technische Daten:
SMARTfloor Surface

16× ultraflache Sensorfelder (B/L/H 51 × 51 × 1,4 cm)
16× Randstreifen für den perfekten Randabschluss
1× SMARTfloor PlayBox zum Anschluss von Stromversorgung und HDMI-fähigem Anzeigegerät (TV nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
1× rutschfeste und abwaschbare Tastaturmatte mit Ziffernblock-Design
5× vorinstallierte Spiele
1× HDMI-Kabel
1× Bedienungsanleitung
1× Transportkoffer

• Gesamtmaß (4 × 4 Anordnung): B/L/H 243 × 243 × 1,4 cm
• Individuelle Konfiguration und WLAN-Verbindung
über das SMARTfloor PlayBox Touch-Display möglich

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SMARTfloor works with various system partners to ensure that all components are seamlessly integrated, meet the highest standards and provide a modern learning experience.

SMARTfloor Surface

The development and production of SMARTfloor is managed by PHYWE in Göttingen.

SMARTfloor Surface

Future-Shape develops automatic fall detection using sensor technology.

SMARTfloor Surface

Playparc develops modern play and exercise areas – indoor & outdoor.