Increase motivation and learning success through holistic movement sequences.

SMARTfloor promotes movement sequences at every educational level

Movement boosts pupils’ cognitive performance by improving blood flow to the brain and increasing their ability to concentrate. This is why we have developed SMARTfloor, a system that can be integrated into lessons in line with country-specific curricula without disrupting the curriculum or overburdening teachers in terms of organisation. Particularly in the STEM subjects (maths, IT, science and technology), the integration of movement sequences using SMARTfloor in lessons leads to better learning outcomes and greater problem-solving skills. Students who have incorporated movement into the curriculum with SMARTfloor better understand complex concepts and develop skills that are beneficial in their professional lives. Thus, the combination of theoretical knowledge and physical activity increases both academic performance and later professional success.

New learning successes with SMARTfloor

Children, especially boys, learn better through movement, as a study by the University of Eastern Finland shows. These pupils can hardly process information if they are forced to sit still. To cater for this urge to move, we have developed SMARTfloor – a 3 mm thick, large-area underlay that is laid under floor coverings such as PVC, linoleum, carpet, laminate, parquet or tiles. The integrated sensors record the pupils’ movements and display the values in a playful way, for example through reaction games, sprinting and games of skill. This activates the musculoskeletal system and promotes cognitive processes. At higher educational levels, the applications can be made more complex and supplemented with additional sensors, wearables and digital output devices to enrich lessons flexibly and pragmatically.

More success in life with exercise

A healthy mind in a healthy body is the best way to be successful later in your professional life. The aim is to combine movement sequences with teaching units. The solution for uncomplicated realisation is called SMARTfloor. The video shows how much fun the movement sequences are for the students.

Each exercise programme can be optimally adapted to the country-specific curricula.

Move. Learn. Motivate.

Our SMARTfloor products are optimised for flexible and uncomplicated use in classrooms and sports halls. Easy to set up and dismantle, making them easy to use in several classrooms.

SMARTfloor – Mobile

Simply open it up and get started straight away: SMARTfloor Mobile is the ready-to-use plug-and-play solution as a complete package comprising sensor floor, computer, software and monitor.

  • Ready for immediate use for short movement units in lessons
  • Space-saving storage
  • Transport-optimised and quick to use between several classrooms
  • All-inclusive solution, ready to use straight away

SMARTfloor – Puzzle

Individually expandable: SMARTfloor Puzzle is the flexible solution for the classroom or sports hall.
  • Customisable user interface
  • Mobile application option
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Fits into any classroom
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SMARTfloor works with various system partners to ensure that all components are seamlessly integrated, meet the highest standards and provide a modern learning experience.


The development and production of SMARTfloor is managed by PHYWE in Göttingen.


Future-Shape develops automatic fall detection using sensor technology.


Playparc develops modern play and exercise areas – indoor & outdoor.